As a business owner, you take care of your employees in any number of ways – wages, health insurance, PTO, etc. Is a Retirement Package part of your plans in attracting and retaining employees? Offering a retirement is not only beneficial to your employees, but it could provide you with some significant tax advantages, especially if you’re planning to match contributions!

It may seem daunting to implement an Employee Retirement Plan. Still, with Three Magnolias in your corner, we want you to Be Comfortable in your decisions in creating and implementing the right plan.

We’re Here To Help

  • We evaluate your business, so you can make the right decision on the plan or plans you feel comfortable offering.
  • We help you weigh the risks and benefits of the plans we offer, and we handle all of the administrative work.
  • If you already have an employee retirement plan, there’s no harm in letting us evaluate it to see if different options might be more beneficial to your and your employees.
  • We consult with employees to make sure they choose the right plans based on their income and their ability to contribute to their plan.

Be Comfortable in what you offer to your employees.

Contact Three Magnolias for your free consultation about options that may work best for you and your business, or bring us in to review your current plans.